How to Boost Search Traffic as the Year Closes

You are probably wishing to get your slice of the pie in this highly-crazed season of online shopping and deals. Search is exploding with queries like:

year end google searches

Whether you are a B2B, B2C, or a Publisher brand or company – you can take advantage of the volume of searches by doing these 3 strategies to boost search traffic as the year closes . As they say, always finish strong!

1) Drumbeat your evergreens or top performing blog posts of the year

Now is the best time to look at your analytics data and see which of your posts or pages performed really well in terms of traffic, engagement, and conversions. This list will prove handy as you do the following:

  • Create a roundup post

Recap and sum up all the evergreens/top blog posts of the year in a monster roundup post. More than the awesomeness of these pieces of content – make sure to highlight front and center the benefits your audience have gotten out of these. For example, if you’ve written about the top 2016 startup marketing strategies that generated a lot of positive feedback from your audience – highlight the testimonials and comments to show value.

  • Inter-link related blog posts that performed well

Add a further boost from search to your top performing articles by interlinking them with related and new blog posts (i.e. Related Links at the end of each blog post). Much better if you can link them within the content body for a nice anchor text strategy. Sometimes, we end up leaving our high-traffic blog posts a few months after they’ve brought us traffic. Don’t lose the momentum by continuously bringing attention, traffic, and links to them.

  • Do CTR optimization for low performing pages – then link them from top your performing pages/posts

Now, on to the low performers. Worry not! There is opportunity to improve their search traffic through CTR optimization. Check out which user queries actually showed impressions; and then re-optimize the  meta data to include these search queries:

Low-performing landing pages with low CTR

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2) Publish expert opinion or reviews on rising products or trends in your niche.

Some B2B companies will write about trends forecasts for the next year. B2C and other consumer goods-related sites will write about reviews on new products to hit the market. Key here is to know which are the “rising” topics that you should capitalize to get a share of their year-end traffic.

Go to:

Select the relevant Geo, Period, and Niche

Google Trends at End of Year 2016

Rising topics tagged as “Breakout” are the ones identified to have had a tremendous increase in search volume over a given period, probably because these queries are new and had few (if any) prior searches.


3) Offer your most-searched, in-demand product as a year-end offer

  • Best-seller of the year

You definitely know which products or services gave the most demand and profit for your brand. Most likely, this has created some buzz in your community which has generated search interest online. Do a final sale by the end of the year. Harp on your product’s established popularity by offering the best seller of the year. That’s an added boost to their search popularity.

  • This season’s hottest

If you are more keen on keeping up with the holidays, you can also choose to offer this season’s most-wanted or searched-for product. Some items are seasonal so you can only experience the breakout in traffic during their peak season. Find out the season’s most in-demand in your inventory – then optimize all your content assets (blog post, product pages, home page, etc.) as you offer it on sale.

May all your wishes and plans come true in the coming year. To your success!

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