SEO Marketing Services

SEO Consultancy

Search Marketing has gone beyond keywords and links. Brands need to create a real community of customers, patrons, and partners. Let us work together in creating a search marketing plan that is aligned with your business goals and brand values. Check out details here.


SEO Online Coaching 

60-minute one-one-one coaching to discuss your specific SEO issue, strategy, or website problem. I can also offer advice about SEO freelancing. Book a schedule.


Content Marketing Consultancy

Content Marketing is present (and future) SEO. Gone are the days when brands would resort to massive link building tactics that do not bring them qualified leads. Today, businesses have grown smarter. Let’s create a content marketing campaign that works for you.


Website Analytics Consultant

Understand what works and what doesn’t. Website Analytics cannot be an after-thought but should be an integral part of any marketing campaign. Find out the relevant metrics and KPI for your business.

Check out my SEO case studies and portfolio of work.





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