I’m Romela, Chief SEO & Marketing Head at Getsomecola. Join me as I share bite-sized SEO tips and tricks for startup brands and SEO beginners.

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What are the 4 Factors to Consider when Launching an SEO Campaign?

1) Technical

+ Site structure

+ Page speed

+ Mobile-friendliness

+ XML sitemap

2) Content

+ On-page optimization

+ Metatags, headings, images, actual content text

+ Changes in your HTML elements

3) Relevancy

+ Internal linking of pages

+ Production of targeted content – based on keyword research

4) Authority

+ Link outreach to relevant sites

+ Social Media marketing

+ Content Marketing


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Romela de Leon-Ortega

SEO Consultant & MomPreneur
With over 10+ years of experience as a SEO and Search Marketing Consultant, I empower brands to develop long-term growth through search engine optimization. I also assist local businesses in launching Adwords PPC campaigns. Huge bias for MomPreneurs, as I am one myself 🙂