SEO Masterclass for Beginners

Finally, I’m launching my class! This is going to be a series of video tutorials in SEO. The course will most benefit beginner freelancers.

When you enroll in this course, you get the paid SEO ebook for FREE to serve as your guide while you watch the videos.

To find out more about the SEO Masterclass, join me on Saturday, Sept 9, 4pm for a Facebook Live session via Getsomecola.

In the Facebook live event:

+ I will discuss my SEO background,
+ The goal/objective of the SEO video course
+ The course coverage – Chapters 1-5, What it is and What it is NOT,
+ Some common SEO questions,
+ I will share 1 major SEO tip I use when working on client sites,
+ I will also give you the link to our sales page via
+ For now, you can sign up to the course here:

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Romela de Leon-Ortega

SEO Consultant & MomPreneur
With over 10+ years of experience as a SEO and Search Marketing Consultant, I empower brands to develop long-term growth through search engine optimization. I also assist local businesses in launching Adwords PPC campaigns. Huge bias for MomPreneurs, as I am one myself 🙂