Adwords has helped countless of businesses – small and big – worldwide because of their impeccable ability to track ROI and deliver efficient campaign set-ups customized to your business goals. As a budding start-up, you can have a strong start in Adwords just by understanding the various new conversion metrics in Adwords:

  1. Converted Clicks – Use this metric when you are interested in Unique Leads and Customers. If you want to track how many new customers you are acquiring – this is the best conversion option for you. Converted clicks represent conversions of every single unique click. Regardless if 1 click (or customer) resulted to 1 or multiple sales or leads – it will always be counted as 1 within a specific time frame or conversion window. Default conversion window is 30 days.
  2. Total Conversions – Advertisers can tweak their Total Conversion Action settings to differentiate: Total Sales + Unique Leads. Supposed you want to set catalogue downloads as unique leads. Here is an example:

New Conversion Metrics in Adwords

  • 2 different customers clicked on your ad.
  • Customer A bought 2 shirts; while
  • Customer B downloaded your product catalogue: thrice on Tuesday, and once on Wednesday


This is equal to:

  • 2 Converted Clicks (2 Unique Customers)
  • 3 Conversions: 2 sales + 1 Unique Lead (4 catalogue downloads from 1 unique customer = 1 unique lead)


How to set flexible conversion tracking:

Go to Conversions Settings Page > Dropdown will show “All Conversions” or “Unique Conversions”

In the example above, the advertiser chose to count:

  • “All Conversions” for Sales; and
  • “Unique Conversions” for downloads


If you’re using Conversion Optimizer and Enhanced CPC, you can select your bid management to focus either on:

  • Converted Clicks; or
  • Conversions


bid management New Conversion Metrics in Adwords

As you select any of the two methods, Adwords allows you to count either by “Unique Conversions” or “All Conversions”. I suggest that you use “Unique Conversions” for the Converted Clicks; and “All Conversions” for the Conversion method of bid management.

If you want to understand how Adwords works; or you want to set-up your own PPC Campaign, contact us below.

Romela de Leon-Ortega is an experienced Search Strategist for small-scale businesses. She is a busy work-at-home professional, and a full-time mom. Contact her below for a FREE website consultation.

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