Before I answer that question, let me share my personal SEO story…

Ten years ago, I sat on my cubicle seat wondering how does this whole SEO job work? It was a BPO company that hired me and was one of the pioneers in SEO outsourcing. It was my first job as a SEO specialist at a time when you could easily outsmart Google with spam. I remember dabbling with the many facets of SEO like: link building, forum posting, copywriting, keyword research, HTML coding, etc.

Years rolled by and my skills, experience, and job positions evolved and improved at the same time. Alongside the experience, I don’t remember missing a year without having projects on the sides. Parating may raket! Later on I became a SEO Lead, SEO Manager, Head of Content, and now Head of Marketing for an international company. Despite the bigger responsibilities, I tend to gravitate towards my side projects.

I decided it was time to take off: Get more SEO clients! I met a few loyal people from Australia, New Zealand, and LA – and they regularly outsource agency work to me. From a one-man show, I made it a point to pool in qualified and experienced web professionals into my team. It’s the only way to scale, at the same time help people with their skills. Personally, I feel great when I am able to share these blessings of opportunities. All of us are freelancers. All of us are hungry for growth and freedom.


What is the kind of freedom that you want?

The freedom to choose when and where to work is already a challenge to attain. But the freedom to choose which projects to work on is absolutely above all else! For me, it is the end of my conversion funnel: the ultimate goal.

I am writing this piece because I believe a lot of people in this generation would like to hack life in order to pursue a greater want. Whether it is to have a more balanced life, better income flow, knowledge and skill growth, etc – the decision to do what we ought to do affects us 100%.

Freelancing and outsourcing used to be frowned upon. But society today has credited these two in enabling people to achieve more fulfilling lives. I know you have fears. I have mine, too. But there is so much at stake when you lose the freedom you ultimately want!


The “How to Be a SEO Freelancer” Workshop

Let me be straight forward: The goal of this exercise is to find more qualified staff for a line of incoming SEO projects. Yes, it sounds self-serving but at the same time I think there’s greater benefit in upping your web skills to qualify as a SEO freelancer.

I won’t promise that by the end of the workshop, you will all be award-winning SEO specialists.

But I guarantee that you’d be on the right learning track.

How to Become a SEO Freelancer Workshop_Romela de Leon

First Reaction: There are so many SEO resources out there. Why don’t I just DIY it and study on my own?

My Answer: Yup! You could/can do that. In fact, I encourage you to do preliminary research. However, there’s so much more about the workshop that you can’t get anywhere, like:

  • Apply the lessons first-hand (plus feedback on your work) as I’ll give out activities.
  • Have access to me so I can check your take-home assignment (yes, there will be one!).
  • Find out how and where to get clients.
  • Learn tips on how SEO clients/agencies want things done when you offer your SEO service.
  • Be in my pool of qualified web professionals and have the opportunity to take in SEO projects.

Second Question: Is it for everybody? Is it a beginner workshop?

My Answer: It is a beginner SEO workshop, but it is not for everyone. While I’m going to teach you the basics, I still think the workshop suits people with some level of experience in doing web work.


Who are eligible to join?

You are qualified to enroll in the workshop if you can satisfy at least 1 of the following prerequisites:

  • Can operate a basic HTML site or CMS (i.e. WordPress)
  • Has web writing experience: Copywriting, Blogging, or Social Media Posting
  • Has experience doing linkbuilding
  • Can understand basic web analytics (i.e. Sessions, Pageviews, Bounce rates)


What is the workshop coverage and inclusions?

  1. The Basic 5-Step SEO Process
  2. Beginner SEO tasks/activities
  3. Tips on how clients/agencies want things done
  4. Additional tips on where to find outsourced work
  5. Workshop/Course Materials
  6. Opportunity to be part of my SEO talent pool
  7. Free afternoon snacks/coffee


Important Note:

Because it’s going to be an intensive workshop, I will accommodate only 5 participants per run. This will enable everyone to have focused time asking questions and receiving guidance on their work.

Don’t worry, as long as there is demand for the workshop, I’ll continue to run it every other weekend. I’ll announce the rest of the workshop dates, soon.

Fee: It’s Php 1,500/head  and can be paid on the actual workshop date itself.

Venue: Unit 210, A. Venue Mall, 7829 Makati Avenue, Makati City.


Reserve your slot for the Aug 27 workshop:

First come, first serve. After the first 5 enrollees, I will schedule the next batch for a separate workshop date – to be announced soon.


Fill out my online form.

Contact me for inquiries!
If you have some questions, please email me at:


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Romela de Leon-Ortega

SEO Consultant & MomPreneur
With over 10+ years of experience as a SEO and Search Marketing Consultant, I empower brands to develop long-term growth through search engine optimization. I also assist local businesses in launching Adwords PPC campaigns. Huge bias for MomPreneurs, as I am one myself 🙂