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Working for B2B sites for several years, I’ve gotten familiar with their predefined conversion funnels: Acquisition – Consideration – Conversion – Advocacy. This has lead to the concept of lifecycle marketing where every business lead that comes in is nurtured, followed-up, converted, or simply just become part of the whole brand experience.

Today, I’m featuring an expert post and infographic from Brad Shorr, Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, an full-service SEO company in Chicago.



The “Lead Generation Ecosystem” infographic was created by Straight North, an SEO company in Chicago, to help entrepreneurs and larger businesses get a comprehensive look at the complex world of lead generation Internet marketing.

The main value of the infographic conveys how various pieces of Internet marketing campaigns should fit together — companies often experience poor results because important pieces are not connected properly, or not included in the campaign at all.

A good case in point is the PHONE CALL hexagon that appears just below the COMPANY WEBSITE hexagon. As conversions flow through the website from Internet marketing campaigns as form submissions or phone calls, companies must be able to track inquiries back to their marketing source — otherwise they won’t be able to determine which marketing campaign (email, social, etc.) was responsible for generating them. But while form tracking is routine and usually handled well by any business serious about online lead generation, phone call tracking is frequently overlooked. This occurs because phone tracking cannot be managed through Google Analytics or other backend analytics platforms alone, and requires additional technical setup. Without phone tracking, though, companies can never really tell which campaigns are working, which keywords are working, etc. They are seeing only part of the conversion picture — and on top of that, in overlooking phone leads, they are overlooking what are perhaps the best quality leads of all. People who phone in their inquiries tend to have complicated needs or immediate needs, exactly the situations that have the most promise of turning into sales.

Within the COMPANY WEBSITE hexagon itself, note the great variety of content at a company’s disposal. With today’s visually oriented market, it is dangerous to rely on text alone, or text and unimaginative stock photography, for reaping conversions. Consider adding video, slide presentations and high-quality imagery to your website; you will gain credibility and inspire website visitors to make contact.


Author Bio:

Brad Shorr Straight NorthBrad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a full-service Internet marketing agency in Chicago that specializes in SEO, PPC and website design. With more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, he has written for popular online publications including Moz, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

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