Summy at age 3


How I wish my daughter remains a 3 year old all her life! If I can just hold her still and keep the years from rolling by. You ask me why? Well, it turns out 3 is a lot of fun! It can be messy, too, yes. And power struggles are extending their visit coming from year 2. But I must say, it has somehow mellowed ever since she turned a year older.

These and a lot more when your child reaches her third year in life. Check out what I love about this stage:

  • Can hold conversations – and talk shows!
  • Will let me read her a book, then decides to continue with her own version of the story
  • Minds her own business when we bath together
  • Remembers TV jingles and blurts them out when she feels like it (all together now: Pag 3 pataas! May Bonakid Preschool 3 plus!!)
  • Now enjoys going to museums and parks
Enjoys museums and parks

Summer hunting eggs during last Easter.

  • Answers the phone with: Hello? Anong face mo? (actually means: Who are you?)
  • Picks her choice of clothes and shoes – which can be a fashion disaster!
  • Does imaginative play of her own

Summer at MOA

  • Is familiar with more nursery rhymes, sesame street characters, and Disney Princesses
  • Says “I love you” and means it #MeltsMyheart
mom carrying sum

3 but still a baby 🙂

  • Says I’m sorry when she accidentally spills something or has hurt you without intent
  • Can hold her pencil and connects dotted lines
  • Can draw and shade more strongly using her crayons
  • Has her own signature smile and pose for the camera
Selfie with mom

Selfie with mommy 🙂

  • Does a pinky promise
  • Remembers what you promised her! So better live up to it :))
  • Is more independent and knows when trouble is on her way (versus when she was 2)
Outdoor play with little cousin, Vito

Outdoor play with little cousin, Vito

  • Goes on dates with mommy and daddy #LittleBFF
Pizza date with my #LittleBFF

Pizza date with my #LittleBFF

3 is a wonderful age to savor your child’s milestones. It’s more relaxed than the terrible-two’s. And you can actually start building friendship with your little person. A lot of people say Summer’s speech development is way advanced than other kids. I just credit this from the fact that she has always been surrounded by adults who do not baby-talk her. Another tip: Let them discover the love for reading.

I wish my toddler will stay like this all her life. The sweet, little hugs. The pouty kisses. The never ending question-and-answer portion. But most importantly, the witnessing of her unique, and cheery personality. Definitely, a year I will never forget.

SUMMER.The tans will fadebut the memorieswill lastforever.

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