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SEO 2018: What Worked in 2017 That We’ll Continue Next Year

SEO: What Worked for us in 2017 Running a startup SEO agency has given us room to grow. I still remember when we launched Getsomecola in November 2016, we were anxious if we will ever see this day. But lo and behold, hard work does pay. SEO effort included….. but only IF you do the […]


How Small Businesses can Outdo the Big Players in SEO

I get this question often when SMEs or local businesses come to me to ask if they have a real fighting chance with SEO. Given the strong, long-time, big players out there with huge marketing budgets, it seems like an uphill battle. But thanks to the ever evolving world of online marketing, there is a […]


10 SEO Action Items for Gymboree Philippines

Me and my daughter are fans of Gymboree. When Summer was still 1.5 years old, we used to take her to the now relocated Gymboree play place in BGC. The staff are kind, and attentive to us, and they don’t immediately force the child to get out of the play floor once her time is […]


What Can We Learn from the Google Manual Spam Action?

For several weeks now, webmasters had to deal with Google’s sometimes ‘spot-on’, and sometimes ‘off-and-harsh’ manual action penalty on sites. At one point, you can’t blame Google. Spammy, low-value sites have been enjoying their ride in search listings – and it is really time to put an end to them (or at least penalize them). […]


6 Search Marketing Basics for the Small Business

Nobody wants to think of his own business as small. Although there is a universally-accepted scale classification (small, medium, large enterprises), as an owner you do not want your business to be perceived as not capable of growth and scalability. Now Search Marketing offers an opportunity for any small or large industry player to have a […]