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How a Link Building Outreach Survey to Moms Resulted to a 48% Increase in Online School Supply Sales!

The fourth week of April to June is back to school season in the Philippines, and one of my clients wanted to maximize search traffic going to their e-commerce store selling school supplies. We were tasked to create a back-to-school campaign using SEO, blog marketing, and outreach.   Back to School Campaign Goals The primary […]


How to Boost Search Traffic as the Year Closes

You are probably wishing to get your slice of the pie in this highly-crazed season of online shopping and deals. Search is exploding with queries like: Whether you are a B2B, B2C, or a Publisher brand or company – you can take advantage of the volume of searches by doing these 3 strategies to boost search […]


SEO Tutorial: How to SEO your Client’s WordPress Blog

Hands down, a WordPress blog is by far the best and has the most SEO potential among all content management systems. In this SEO tutorial, I have specifically chosen how to optimize your client’s WordPress blog because of this advantage. Previously, I’ve given ways on how to encourage B2B clients to start blogging. I even […]


5 Ways to Encourage your B2B Clients to Blog

  Not all B2B clients are created equal. Some are skeptical about handing you the pen and writing for their business blog. Others would totally ditch the idea – especially small business owners who battle for time. Whether you will be tasked to do the actual B2B blogging work, or be simply the one to […]


How to Create Winning Content Calendars for Clients

In the last 3 or 5 years, a content marketing plan has become an integral part of any traffic-generation campaign. Agencies offer this service because they know its long-term ROI on SEO, as well as brand authority. Creating a content calendar is the initial output presented to clients. But before diving in, let’s discuss first […]