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With over 10+ years of experience as a SEO and Search Marketing Consultant, I empower brands to develop long-term growth through search engine optimization. I also assist local businesses in launching Adwords PPC campaigns. Huge bias for MomPreneurs, as I am one myself :)

7 SEO Action Points for Maxicare Philippines

Maxicare remains to be one of the most sought-after HMO providers in the Philippines because of the quality of health care they provide, and their comprehensive health card coverage plans. I remember when I was still working in the corporate side, a team of Maxicare agents went to our office to present their various HMO […]


Learn SEO Basics at the SEO 101 Seminar

Add SEO to your Skills as a Freelancer. Join the SEO 101 Seminar! In the spirit of bringing back to the community of freelancers, we’re inviting our fellow online professionals to an opportunity to up their skill set! Please join us a for a productive, and educational day of learning: The SEO 101 Seminar. This […]


6 Link Building Strategies on a Shoestring Budget

Here’s the truth: Budget is not a big factor in link building – time is! Link acquisition takes time and can be tedious. But with a dash of creativity, any entrepreneur: startup or big time, can launch a link building campaign that works! Working at a B2B remote company that is bootstrapping all the way […]


10 SEO Action Items for Gymboree Philippines

Me and my daughter are fans of Gymboree. When Summer was still 1.5 years old, we used to take her to the now relocated Gymboree play place in BGC. The staff are kind, and attentive to us, and they don’t immediately force the child to get out of the play floor once her time is […]


7 SEO Hacks to Beat Stagnant Website Traffic

Is your client nagging you because of stagnant website traffic? All SEOs, both beginners and seasoned ones have experienced at one point in their career this nasty, bugging need to increase website traffic after a stagnant trend. The lean period can happen any time depending on your client’s market season. It can also be due […]


SEO Tutorial: How to SEO your Client’s WordPress Blog

Hands down, a WordPress blog is by far the best and has the most SEO potential among all content management systems. In this SEO tutorial, I have specifically chosen how to optimize your client’s WordPress blog because of this advantage. Previously, I’ve given ways on how to encourage B2B clients to start blogging. I even […]


5 Ways to Encourage your B2B Clients to Blog

  Not all B2B clients are created equal. Some are skeptical about handing you the pen and writing for their business blog. Others would totally ditch the idea – especially small business owners who battle for time. Whether you will be tasked to do the actual B2B blogging work, or be simply the one to […]


How to Be a SEO Freelancer?

Before I answer that question, let me share my personal SEO story… Ten years ago, I sat on my cubicle seat wondering how does this whole SEO job work? It was a BPO company that hired me and was one of the pioneers in SEO outsourcing. It was my first job as a SEO specialist […]


How to Create Winning Content Calendars for Clients

In the last 3 or 5 years, a content marketing plan has become an integral part of any traffic-generation campaign. Agencies offer this service because they know its long-term ROI on SEO, as well as brand authority. Creating a content calendar is the initial output presented to clients. But before diving in, let’s discuss first […]


3 is now my favorite number

  How I wish my daughter remains a 3 year old all her life! If I can just hold her still and keep the years from rolling by. You ask me why? Well, it turns out 3 is a lot of fun! It can be messy, too, yes. And power struggles are extending their visit […]