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With over 10+ years of experience as a SEO and Search Marketing Consultant, I empower brands to develop long-term growth through search engine optimization. I also assist local businesses in launching Adwords PPC campaigns. Huge bias for MomPreneurs, as I am one myself :)

Watsons.com.ph – SEO Score & Review

This is part of the SEO Score and Audit series for some of the most favorite brand sites online in PH. We do not carry any nondisclosure agreement with any of the brands featured here. The goal of the series is to encourage and help these and similar brands get the most of SEO and search engine traffic. […]


5 Skills Every Work at Home Mom Needs in Order to Do SEO

On June 30, I will be doing an SEO for WAHMs (Work at Home Moms) workshop under Manila Workshops. We’ve seen a lot of WAHMs show interest in learning about how to do SEO, based on the recent Facebook Live session care of FH Moms. Many ask: What does it entail to be an SEO […]


SEO 2018: What Worked in 2017 That We’ll Continue Next Year

SEO: What Worked for us in 2017 Running a startup SEO agency has given us room to grow. I still remember when we launched Getsomecola in November 2016, we were anxious if we will ever see this day. But lo and behold, hard work does pay. SEO effort included….. but only IF you do the […]


SEO Masterclass Video Course for Beginners

Finally, I’m launching my Teachable.com class! This is going to be a series of video tutorials in SEO. The course will most benefit beginner freelancers. When you enroll in this course, you get the paid SEO ebook for FREE to serve as your guide while you watch the videos. To find out more about the […]


SEO Shorts: 4 Main Factors When Launching SEO Campaigns

I’m Romela, Chief SEO & Marketing Head at Getsomecola. Join me as I share bite-sized SEO tips and tricks for startup brands and SEO beginners. For questions, email me at: romela@getsomecola.com What are the 4 Factors to Consider when Launching an SEO Campaign? 1) Technical + Site structure + Page speed + Mobile-friendliness + XML […]


How a Link Building Outreach Survey to Moms Resulted to a 48% Increase in Online School Supply Sales!

The fourth week of April to June is back to school season in the Philippines, and one of my clients wanted to maximize search traffic going to their e-commerce store selling school supplies. We were tasked to create a back-to-school campaign using SEO, blog marketing, and outreach.   Back to School Campaign Goals The primary […]


5 Missed Opportunities if your Big Brand Won’t Do SEO

Do big brands still need SEO? I often get this question from household names, because they say: “When we do a search for <insert our brand name> our site is already #1!” That is right – and all other brands are normally number one for their trade name! The bottom line is this: Does that […]


A Beginner’s Workshop on Creating Winning Blog Calendars

Happy new year, everyone! What’s your blogging resolution this 2017? I know there are some of you who are the spontaneous type and feel they don’t need an editorial blog calendar. However, there are those who take it seriously as a source of income — and those who are accountable to a client. This group […]


How to Boost Search Traffic as the Year Closes

You are probably wishing to get your slice of the pie in this highly-crazed season of online shopping and deals. Search is exploding with queries like: Whether you are a B2B, B2C, or a Publisher brand or company – you can take advantage of the volume of searches by doing these 3 strategies to boost search […]


How Small Businesses can Outdo the Big Players in SEO

I get this question often when SMEs or local businesses come to me to ask if they have a real fighting chance with SEO. Given the strong, long-time, big players out there with huge marketing budgets, it seems like an uphill battle. But thanks to the ever evolving world of online marketing, there is a […]